Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in Virginia but travel anywhere that you want to take your love story! No place is too far! Depending on where you are headed, there are travel fees but we can talk about those.

How far in advance do we need to book you?

As soon as you both decide you want me! I tend to book up quickly and especially for those booming "wedding season" months during summer/fall, sometimes even 2 years out. So the quicker the better! I'd hate for us to be vibing, know that we'd love to work together only for you to wait a few weeks to decide for sure and then someone else snags your wedding date from under you. 

How many photos do we get?

The limit does not exist. But for real though. I don't like placing a limit on your gallery or making my couples select photos for purchase or download. I provide and guarantee a minimum of 50 photos per hour of coverage but do not give a limit on how many you get. You'll get all the ones that meet my editing and creative standards. What does that mean? Well, I don't let Uncle Steve's half sneeze face make the cut, or Cousin Lily's closed eyes make it in the gallery, you get the idea! 

Since your style is candid documentary, will we get formal photos?

You betcha! I carve out time immediately following the ceremony to take a few traditional family and bridal party photos, but we like to have fun with these! Nana will get her formal photos for her mantle don't you worry but we like to have fun and really get that happy celebratory joy coming through your images.

What do we need to do to book you and lock you in?

After we chat, let me know you'd like to move forward with booking me for your date we discussed. I require a retainer of 30% of your total wedding package along with a signed contract from you. Your date is not fully booked until the retainer has been paid and all parties have signed the custom contract.

Can we change your packages to possibly lower costs for our budget?

I TOTALLY understand budgets. However, I have carefully and lovingly crafted my 3 wedding packages to meet almost all needs and budgets of my clients. Wedding photography is solely my full-time job and how I pay my bills. I also have a hubby and 3 fur babies to make sure are taken care of, along with the wear and tear on our vehicles from traveling to and from locations, keeping our gear in good repair and current, as well as continued education to keep me learning and being the best photographer for you. If you have big concerns about your budget just talk to me! Let's communicate and talk it out because I know we can work something out. 

When and how do we get our photos?

GIRRRRRRRRL, I love you getting your photos as much as you do. Maybe even a little more LOL. So please trust me when I say that I try to deliver galleries as quickly as I can while ensuring that high quality you deserve. Turnaround times for weddings are no more than 8-12 weeks and engagements/lifestyle are no more than 4. If for ANY reason I am falling behind I will be super transparent with you as unforeseen circumstances happen to everyone. You'll receive them in a custom online gallery sent directly to your emails. You will make a password known only to you to download the photos. You can share this with whom you wish or give them view only privileges up to you! You also have the option via your online store to purchase a physical copy of them on a nifty USB device. 

Can we have the original photos?

No sorry I do not give out the original RAW images under any circumstance. This ensures that my specific creative touch on your photos STAYS on them. It's why you booked me after all! Because you love my work and how I create a beautiful story for you through my photos! You will however receive the highest quality JPEG images that you are able to download at original resolution. I also do not allow altering the images your receive in ANY way. This is also written into your contract as any alteration reflects an untrue display of my brand and style and could mislead future clients. 

my family is really excited, is it ok for them to take pictures when you do?

I know that your families are so so excited to see you and be part of your day and I'm happy they get to share in it with you. But remember, you are hiring me for a professional service and entrusting me with your most special day and creating something that will last forever and unfortunately when family members are standing with me during formals or your intimate session it distracts everyone who is having their photo taken at that time and keeps me from serving you the best. For instance : if Cousin Judy is standing with me, you are more inclined to be looking at her pretty face instead of my direction with my professional equipment, then we wind up only getting shots of you and your family looking off to the side rather than into frame. Then we have to spend more time afterwards making sure EVERYONE is looking in frame and then before you know it all the time you carefully set aside for photos on your wedding day is gone and we didn't get to focus on YOU TWO and your special wedding photos. So I please ask that you make an announcement for both the ceremony that nobody takes photos (editing out cell phones held up during a ceremony and in the aisle is not always an option) and after the ceremony so that your professional photos are not hindered in any way and done efficiently so we can get you to your party on time!

can i give you a list of photos i want?

I love seeing your ideas! I'll tell you though that I already have a mental list of what we capture on a wedding day and we always make sure that your important moments, details and pairings during family photos are done. I also send you a shot list questionnaire to see what is super super important to you to have prioritized. Because of the nature of wedding days and their tendencies to not be bound by lists, we cannot promise that we will shoot everything off of a list, there's just no time to check a list constantly. BUT we DO promise that we will make sure that your day is captured in its entirety and in such a loving, creative and beautiful manner that it will ensure you are able to relive your most favorite day again and again.

will we be able to order prints and albums through you?

Well hot diggity you sure can! Through your special online gallery you have access to an online media store where you can order fine art prints, canvases and more. For add-on albums, I personally design those beauties. You just let me know if you are interested in having a bespoke album and I can go over those details and prices with you!

what do you need from us on our wedding day?

Honey, I need you to have fun!! But things that I need? Have a dedicated bridesmaid ensure that your wedding details box is available to me once we arrive, and make sure one of your wedding party is available for us to ask last minute questions to so we don't have to bother y'all! The only things you should worry about is seeing each other at the ceremony and saying I Do to your boo. Leave the rest to your wedding team!