Geez. That is a really big picture of my face. I'll update it soon trust me. Ok so about me. I love my couples. Truly. I am ridiculously empathetic and I take on all your feels no matter what they are. I gots big feelings! But like the big heartbeat badoompadoops? Those come from my best friend and hubby of 5 years Kenny. :) Time seriously flies when you're happy and having fun. I think we have the best times on our roadtrips.
When I'm not inside working on making my clients wedding photo dreams happen,  you can catch me outside in the sun and feeling instantly happy anytime I feel those sunshine tinglies. Beam of light? I'm in it. I think I definitely understand why cats choose to lay in the sun. Cuz it just feels so dang good! I'll probably have my face shoved in a book while I'm out there so just come tap me on the shoulder if you wanna chat haha.
I'm fairly sure about 70% of my language is movie and TV quotes. More than likely from Silverado, Top Gun (the OG one because I loved it before it was 'cool') Friends, New Girl, The Office, or Doctor Who. I also really love house projects and plants so Lowe's sees quite a lot of me. Whether it's painting or switching light fixtures out or building my dream pantry, I LOVE projects. I'm definitely a creative and I just like making things pretty. :D  I both haha and lol, use old smiley face emojis and have to look up the phrases kids say these days. I refuse to say that anything is 'fire' or that anything outside of music 'slaps'. Just no. 

infj. enneagram 2, quality time & physical touch

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Ooooo. When I think about my favorite parts of a wedding day, I just have to start at the details.  All the little things that make up your wedding fits and your day all combined together. The well thought out invitations, to the family heirlooms to your beautiful shoes and don't even get me started on your rings. LOOOOVE

I love details

You'll catch me getting a good ole whiff of your flowers for sure. I love nature and flowers even more so. I like seeing your personal style come out in your bouquets and especially when those style include COLOR. Man, I love me a poppin floral arrangement. 

obsessed with florals

New game. Take a shot every time I say, "I have this questionnaire for you." hahaha. For real though, I am a big list maker and planner and organizer. But hey, that helps my brides out so I love being able to dive into that part of my personality. 

I love planning

You know whats a great thing. I love cake. Yet I almost NEVER get around to having cake at weddings. No idea why. I think because I get so caught up being happy watching you enjoy your reception, I just totally forget. So new deal. I make sure you eat your dinner, you make sure I eat cake. Ok? Ok. :)

Let there be cake

Hi! I'll be the other half of your media team. I'm there to capture those amazing parts of your wedding day that you'll cherish forever. OH! And I'm the videographer for when you add-on videography! I love storytelling through video just like Tina loves story telling through photos and I really feel it adds so much to your wedding experience to have us both on your team.  I love sports! Football (Patriots), soccer (Man City) and baseball (Yankees!) are my favorites but if any sport or team is on TV I am watching it. Tina has turned me into a caffeine addict but when I am not drinking coffee I am enjoying a nice pour of bourbon or scotch. When I have the time I like playing video games or just sitting down and watching movies or Youtube videos to relax.

Your second photographer & videographer!

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